Castaway With Purpose

A documentary film by Around-n-Over

"Life is a gift -- live it!"

Erden Eruç

About the Film


In July 2007, Erden Eruç entered his 24-foot ocean rowing boat, Around-n-Over, to begin a journey that would take him around the world under his own power. His goal was to circumnavigate the globe under his own power alone; no sails, no motors, just raw muscle, grit and tenacity. It would become a five year, eleven day journey that would challenge him physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally. 

Alone and tested by nature, Erden would learn what it would take to succeed with such a challenge. It would never be easy -- isolated, exhausted, and unknown.

His wife Nancy would become the anchor for this incredible journey. When Erden would drift off-course, it would be her calm and steady presence that would bring him back.

This is his story.